Learn Your Land With Gary Lincoff And The Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club

September is a great month for the Pennsylvanian mushroom hunter.  The cooler temperatures and autumn rains provide favorable conditions that allow some of the choicest edible mushrooms – for example, chicks, hens, and honeys – to fruit in mass quantities.

Perhaps just as exciting (or even more so!) to the Pennsylvanian mushroom hunter this time of year is the Gary Lincoff Foray — a spectacular annual event hosted by the Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club.

Gary (pictured above, and always sporting a mushroom-themed shirt) is the author and editor of several books, including the National Audubon Society Field Guide To North American Mushrooms, The Complete Mushroom Hunter, and The Joy Of Foraging.  A Pittsburgh native, he currently lives in New York City and teaches at the New York Botanical Garden.

To celebrate the foray’s 15th anniversary, I decided to interview Gary and ask him a few questions about his life, his fascination for mushrooms, and his genuine interest in inspiring others to learn their land.

If you’re interested in learning why you should quit your job and devote your life to mushrooms, check out the interview!

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