Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) Identification, Medicinal Benefits, & More

If the people in charge knew how powerful this plant was, they would make it illegal.

We’ve seen that happen before, huh?

Fortunately, this species is very legal, very abundant, and extremely essential to the health of those who ingest it.

Who is this wonderful plant?  I’m glad you asked…

Boneset, or Eupatorium perfoliatum, is a perennial member of the aster family, and it can be found all over the Eastern United States.

What makes this plant so special?  Well, if you ever experience colds, flus, or fevers, then this is a plant you may wish to befriend.

Curious to know why?  Check out this recent video I created to learn how to properly identify boneset, what health benefits it may provide to our bodies, and how to make homemade boneset medicine.


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