Learn: It is what you do, not what the land does for you.  It is not the responsibility of the land to teach you, but it might be your responsibility as a human to learn its ways.  Learning involves placing attention upon something for an extended period of time.  This is not the same as knowing.  Knowing implies that you have reached the pinnacle of your education.  Accomplishing such a feat banishes the possibility that there is more to learn.  If you are human, there is always more to learn.

Your: This does not imply possession.  Is the land really yours?  Your in this three-part phrase denotes particularity and specificity, not possession.  Learn the land that you live upon today. Those latter five words summarize what is meant by your.  Why does this matter?  Humans are place-based creatures.  To be from everywhere is to be from nowhere at all.

Land: Plants, trees, fungi, animals, birds, insects, fish, rivers, streams, lakes, bogs, fens, swamps, prairies, valleys, hills, mountains, etc.

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