Learn Your Land evolved out of a personal need. Not only did I routinely ask myself these two questions, but I witnessed others asking the same two as well: “Who are the naturalists in my area that can teach me about mushrooms, wildflowers, birds, and trees? Where are their events?”

My name is Adam Haritan. I currently reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I lead foraging classes, walks, and workshops. In addition to the services I provide, countless other naturalists are hosting events throughout Pennsylvania with the intent to teach valuable skills about the land, including plant and mushroom identification, wild food foraging, animal tracking, and more.

In 2014, I realized that no central online resource existed to help promote Pennsylvania’s naturalists and events. Without any hesitation, I devised a solution to fix this dilemma.

Learn Your Land is a resource allowing you to search and connect with Pennsylvania’s naturalists by region and topic. It’s here for you to discover when and where great events are taking place, including your area’s plant identification classes, wildflower walks, mushroom forays, bird watching events, animal tracking workshops, and more.

A deeper question, unanswered as of yet, still persists: Why take the time to learn topics as ancient as the land itself? Simple, really. The more we know about our land, the more connected we become. And the more connected we become, the more we cherish and protect our beautiful Earth.

Learn Your Land was built for you, an outdoor enthusiast and nature lover.

Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do.

Adam Haritan, Founder

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