How To Identify Trees From A Distance

Last week, I took a walk along the edge of a lake.  Several deciduous trees had already dropped their leaves for the year.  As a result, the landscape wasn’t particularly colorful.

I walked a bit further until something across the lake caught my attention: trees with golden yellow leaves.

The trees were at least 100 yards away.  Their trunks were concealed by other trees.  All I could see were golden canopies in the distance.

As a tree enthusiast, I sensed a fun challenge.  Could it be possible to identify these trees without getting too close to them?  Or was the task hopeless?

Fortunately, the task wasn’t hopeless, and in the following video I explain what it takes to identify trees from a distance.  More specifically, I share with you 4 important questions we can ask to help us put names on distant trees in the autumn season.

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