3 Wild Mushrooms — Only One Is Edible!


Let’s talk about mushrooms for just a second.

Some fungi are edible.  Some are medicinal.  Some are edible and medicinal.  Some are toxic.  Some are toxic only when consumed raw.  Some are deadly poisonous.  And some are akin to chewing wet cardboard.

Personally, I enjoy hunting all kinds of fungi.  Take me to an orchard full of Morels, and I’ll be happy.  Introduce me to a crust fungus I’ve never seen before, and I’ll still be happy.

On a recent autumn mushroom hunt, I discovered three wild species.  Two of the fungi, despite their wild beauty and charm, were inedible.  The other mushroom I encountered was one I enjoy eating very much, and it’s a species that’s easily identified by hunters new to the hobby.

All three mushrooms make appearances in the latest video, and if you’re interested in learning a thing or two about the wild fungi inhabiting your autumn woods, check this out…

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