Learn Your Land With Mike Douglas From The Maine Primitive Skills School

“Be careful what you say in the woods, for often it is true.”

And so began the 2-day primitive skills workshop led by a barefooted Mike Douglas of the Maine Primitive Skills School.

The event was hosted by Kathryn Cardinal and her partner, Ian Thunder, on their beautiful land in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  A fresh water spring, an earthship-in-progress, dozens of blooming wildflower species and towering hardwood trees — mostly maples — characterized the temporary out-of-doors home for the participants of this workshop.

Passing through Pennsylvania following an event in Ohio, Mike Douglas — who is currently the Director of Adult Programs for the Maine Primitive Skills School — and a band of a half-dozen or so apprentices led the 2-day program with a focus on the 4 core areas of survival:  shelter, water, fire, and food.

For as they reminded us:

You can live 3 hours without shelter.
You can live 3 days without water.
You can live 3 weeks without food.

As a participant of the 2-day primitive skills workshop myself, I had the fortunate opportunity to pull Mike aside for a few minutes and ask him a few questions.

In this video, Mike addresses the value of learning one’s land, the role of awareness in land-based skills, and more.


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