Hapalopilus croceus — A Chicken Mushroom Look-Alike

Within the world of mushroom hunting exists a regionally-dictated and arbitrary list known as the “foolproof four.”  Such an assemblage includes choice edible fungi that are easily identified.

Chicken Of The Woods (Laetiporus genus), with its vivid colors and meaty texture, is one wild mushroom whose name is frequently included in “foolproof four” lists across North America.  Ask any seasoned mushroom hunter, and he or she will tell you that few wild fungi resemble Chicken Of The Woods.

But few doesn’t always mean zero.

There are mushrooms that, at least from a distance, can certainly resemble Chicken Of The Woods, and featured in the following video (and pictured above) is one such look-alike that’s actually considered to be critically endangered in some forests around the world.  Known as Hapalopilus croceus or Aurantiporus croceus, this polypore mushroom decomposes the wood of oak and chestnut trees.

If you’re interested in learning more about this bright orange fungus that can indeed resemble Chicken Of The Woods, check out the video!

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