Birch Polypore (Fomitopsis betulina) — Identification And Medicinal Benefits

This time of year, we’d all be wise to bear witness to the multitude of gifts selflessly offered by the yellow birch tree — a common component of the northern hardwood forest and the largest of our native birch trees.  The yellow birch tree’s greatest gift (okay, one of its greatest gifts) includes the birch polypore — a fungus with plenty of practical applications.

Consider this — the birch polypore has been utilized by humans for at least 5,300 years and its services are numerous.  Traditionally this fungus has been valued as a food, medicine, styptic, razor strop, polisher, and transporter of fire.

Of course, the list doesn’t stop there, and if you’re interested in learning a new thing or two about the birch polypore, check out this new video.  In it, I discuss several identifying characteristics, as well as key medicinal benefits that may be of interest to you and everyone you love!


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