Amber Jelly Roll (Exidia recisa) — Identification, Edibility, & More

Meet Exidia recisa — a jelly roll without the jam, sugar, flour, and calories.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “This doesn’t look like any jelly roll Aunt Edna’s ever baked,” and unless Aunt Edna is the name you’ve assigned to Nature and All That Is, then you’re probably correct.

But if we are indeed referring to dear ol’ Aunt Edna and her prize-winning sweet blackberry jelly rolls, it’s quite obvious that the brown and brainy growth-on-a-stick doesn’t look like anything she’s ever made.

I assure you, however, that the fungus pictured above is a jelly roll.  It’s just a different kind of jelly roll.

The amber jelly roll.

Exidia recisa is its Latin name, and believe it or not, it’s edible.  What’s more, this edible fungus grows at a time when many edible mushrooms wouldn’t dare poke their caps through the leaf-littered soil.

Walk any wooded area this time of year, and you’d be hard pressed not to discover this incredible, edible fungus.

Was that an overstatement?  Check out this brand new video, and decide for yourself!

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