7 Trees Every Mushroom Hunter Should Know


Nature is a collection of beautiful, strange, and unlikely associations.  Ants herd aphids, lemurs pollinate flowers, and humans house all kinds of peculiar bacteria.

No conversation about natural associations would be complete without discussing the intimate relationships between mushrooms and trees.  While some of these affiliations are considered “good,” and others are considered “bad,” understanding all of these close relationships can really benefit the wild mushroom hunter in a myriad of ways.

For example, knowing which mushrooms are associated with which trees (e.g., morel mushrooms and elm trees) will greatly increase your chances of having a successful mushroom hunt (and will help to put tasty food on the table)!

I recently spent an entire day filming a detailed video on the 7 trees that every mushroom hunter should know.  All of these trees are associated with mushrooms and are likely to yield fungi if the conditions are right.  Perhaps you’re familiar with this list of trees, or perhaps you’re not.  Either way, I can almost guarantee you’ll learn something new by checking out this video!

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