3 Weeds You’re Probably Not Eating


Let’s talk about plants.  But not just any plants.  Weedy plants.

Most people dislike them.  Some people poison them.  And hardly anyone eats them.

And that’s fascinating.  Because if we’re interested in sourcing local, sustainable, and nutritious ingredients directly from our landscape (all while improving the landscape), we’d be wise to pay some attention to the weeds.

I recently spent an afternoon exploring the woods in search of early spring plants, and not too surprisingly, I encountered many weeds.  What’s more, a few of them were actually quite tasty.  However, despite their edibility, and despite their ubiquity, these weeds are rarely eaten by humans.

Needless to say, I filmed a video.  In it, I discuss the edible and medicinal qualities of three weeds that you’re probably not (but could be!) eating.  If you’re interested in adding a few new seasonal ingredients to your meals, check out the video!

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