Self Heal — The Little Weed With POWERFUL Benefits

Let’s talk about medicinal plants in your backyard.

There’s one plant in particular that we’re very likely to overlook during the summer months.  However, we’d actually be wise to pay more attention to this little weed… especially if we’re interested in experiencing the best health ever.

This plant goes by the name Self-Heal, and some people actually call it All-Heal.  Other people are more scientifically minded and would rather refer to this plant as Prunella vulgaris.  And if you want to make up a new name, that’s probably okay as well.

Regardless, this plant (let’s just call it Self-Heal for now) is a ubiquitous “weed” that retains a good deal of historical use in various cultures around the world.  What’s more, the scientific literature abounds with studies documenting the healing potential of this non-minty member of the mint family.

If you’re interested in learning more about Self-Heal, check out the new video!

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