Nature’s Most Amazing Spring Ephemeral Wildflowers

If you’re a wildflower enthusiast like me, perhaps you’ll agree that the spring ephemeral wildflower season is one of the best times of year to explore the woods.

What’s not to love about a hillside teeming with White Trillium? Or a vernal pool speckled with Marsh Marigold? Or a floodplain loaded with Virginia Bluebells?

Personally, I can’t think of a spring ephemeral wildflower I don’t like. No matter the color, no matter the size… each one is a superstar in its own special way.

Recently, I took to the woods one afternoon in search of these fleeting flowers and tried my best to capture the magic on film. The sky was sunny, the air was warm, and plenty of plants were blooming that afternoon. Needless to say, the wildflowers definitely put on a good show. Check it out!

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