Learn To Identify Brick Cap and Salmon Waxy Cap Mushrooms

The first day of winter feels more like the first day of fall:  temperatures in the mid 60’s, and rain in the forecast.  Christmas has arrived early, it seems, as gifts of various mushroom species can be found under, on, and around the woodland trees… even this late into the season.

Many people will wonder, argue, and debate over the presumed causes of this interesting weather.  I think that’s noble.

As for me… I enjoy heading out to various parks, forests, and natural areas when favorable weather presents itself… usually with a basket and camera in hand.

On a recent walk during an unusually warm December day, I decided to explore a local park in search of early winter mushrooms.  Lo and behold, I discovered 2 edible species within a short distance that I deemed worthy of a video introduction:  brick caps (Hypholoma lateritium) and salmon waxy caps (Cuphophyllus pratensis).

If you’re interested in learning how to accurately identify these 2 edible mushroom species, I encourage you to hit the play button below…


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