Frequently Asked Questions

Can you identify my plant/mushroom/tree/etc.?

Due to time constraints, I do not answer mushroom and plant ID requests. If you are seeking to have your mushroom or plant identified, here are a few options.

  • Join your local mushroom or botanical club.
  • Join one of the many mushroom or plant identification groups on Facebook.
  • Purchase a few good field guides and practice keying out specimens as you find them.
  • Bask in the mystery of not knowing what it is you have encountered, but remain open to the possibility that you may receive an answer at a much later date.  (Answers are positively correlated with hard work.)

What books and/or field guides do you recommend?

The best books are those that are specific to your region. Without knowing where you live, it’s difficult to make specific recommendations. However, I can make a few general suggestions. For mushrooms, I recommend books by David Arora, Tim Baroni, Alan & Arleen Bessette, Gary Lincoff, Roger Phillips, William Roody, and Walt Sturgeon.

For plants, I recommend Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide. If you are specifically interested in plant foraging resources, I recommend books by Samuel Thayer.

What apps do you recommend?

I have never used a single app to identify a plant or mushroom, therefore I cannot recommend any.

How do I find a local mushroom club?

A list of NAMA-affiliated clubs and societies can be found here. Mushroom clubs and societies that are not affiliated with NAMA also exist. To find these organizations, I recommend using an online search engine.

Do you lead private walks?

At this time, I do not lead private walks.

Can you recommend an herb or mushroom for my specific illness?

Health issues can be difficult to address without knowing the particulars of a given situation. Due to time constraints and the challenges involved with online consultations, I do not offer one-on-one health advice.

How do you deal with ticks?

Because I receive this question so frequently, I decided to compile my thoughts in this video.

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