Freckled Dapperling — The Mushroom With A Questionable Reputation

Over the years I’ve come to realize that things in nature don’t always fit so neatly into human-constructed categories.

Take the Freckled Dapperling, for instance.

The Freckled Dapperling (Echinoderma asperum) is a wild mushroom that grows on plant debris during the autumn season. Some sources claim that the Freckled Dapperling is edible; others state that it’s inedible; and plenty of other sources claim that it’s poisonous.

Additionally, the Freckled Dapperling may represent a group of closely related species rather than one sole entity, and its generic placement by taxonomists is often in flux.

Needless to say, the Freckled Dapperling is a mushroom that’s certainly worthy of our attention, and in the following video, I do my best to answer some very important questions about this fascinating fungus.

To learn more about the questionable mushroom known as the Freckled Dapperling, check out the video!


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