Foraging With Jennifer Pharr Davis – Hiker, Author, & Speaker

Jennifer Pharr Davis is a real powerhouse.

She’s an author, hiker, speaker, and business owner who is passionate about the outdoors.  In 2011, she broke the overall Appalachian Trail record by completing the entire 2,100+ miles in just over 46 days.

Every year (several times a year!), she embarks on tours across the country in support of two of her books, Becoming Odyssa and Called Again.

Juggling all these roles, she still hikes more than anyone I know.

Recently, Jennifer passed through Pittsburgh during a summer tour to discuss her experiences on the Appalachian Trail.  In addition to attending two of her presentations, I accompanied Jennifer and her family on a foraging walk through Schenley Park in Pittsburgh.

Talk about a dream come true!

Afterwards, I interviewed Jennifer and asked her a few questions regarding her experiences with the outdoors, her interest in foraging, and her reason for creating Blue Ridge Hiking Company.  Needless to say, Jennifer injects passion into every area of her life.

Watch the video to see exactly what I mean…

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