Foraging Wild Tea In Western Pennsylvania

Connecting to land is as simple as brewing a cup of tea.

Not just any tea, however.  In order for real nature connection to occur, a brew made from the finest wild harvested plants and mushrooms will suffice.

Technically then, this brew would not be considered a tea (as this refers to the tea plant — Camellia sinensis), but rather an infusion or a decoction.  Semantics aside, the point of the matter remains the same:  a solid connection to nature can be easily accomplished upon ingestion of locally gathered species from one’s land.

Foraging wild “tea” plants is a passion of mine, and in this brand new video I explore the land in search of these medicinal species.  Pennsylvania is home to countless plants and mushrooms boasting outstanding medicinal profiles, and in this video I discuss and gather 5 species in particular whose benefits are quite impressive.

Are you interested in learning a thing or two about Pennsylvania’s wild tea plants?  Check out the video!

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