Eating Wild For Exceptional Health

acornhands.jpgHunt.  Gather.  Eat.

Sounds a bit antiquated, doesn’t it?  We all know that loincloths went out of style centuries ago.  And besides, what are grocery stores for, anyway?

You see, as convenient as it is to purchase all of our food today from supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, pizzerias, etc., we may be doing our bodies a massive disservice by restricting our consumption of wild plants, fungi, and animals.

To never let a wild organism pass through our lips is to almost guarantee the continuation and proliferation of degenerative (and largely preventable) illnesses that physically and mentally plague the human species.

Humans crave the wild — metaphorically speaking, yes — but also in the literal sense.  Though the reasons are many, I recently explained one major benefit of eating wild species during a presentation given to the Giant Oaks Garden Club in McMurray, Pennsylvania.

Interested in learning more?  Check out the video below!

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