Eat 84 Grams Of Mushrooms. Here’s Why.

Mushrooms have come a long way in recent years.

Formerly classified as primitive plants in the taxonomic sense and as white vegetables in the culinary sense, fungi have since risen above their woefully outdated labels.

In the ecological context, we’ve learned that mushrooms are anything but primitive. In the nutritional context, we’ve learned that mushrooms are dietary superstars.

Subsequently, it seems that there are just as many reasons to appreciate mushrooms as there are to eat them. Human health, it turns out, is one overlapping reason.

Corroborating this motive is new research published in the journal Food, Science, & Nutrition. In a recent study, researchers concluded that eating a small serving of mushrooms can have measurable and positive effects on human health.

In the following video, I discuss four important findings revealed in this study. If you’re interested in learning the ways in which mushrooms can improve your health, check it out!

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