Do You Recognize This Big Tree?

“What’s the deal with trees?  Why do you like them so much?”

A friend recently asked me these questions.

He enjoys nature.  He probably spends more time in the woods than I do.  He knows that I love trees, but he doesn’t share the same passion.

Of course, I felt obligated to answer his questions.  A simple “I can’t really put my feelings into words” wouldn’t suffice.

I proceeded to tell him about all the food and medicine that can be harvested from trees.  I told him how trees can help us determine direction.  I listed all the benefits to wildlife that trees provide.  And I reminded him that trees produce oxygen.

Then I explained something that isn’t discussed in science books.

Trees make us feel small.  When we stand next to big trees especially, we experience what I call the smallness-inducing effect.

The smallness-inducing effect allows us to comprehend the immensity of life.

I’m not sure why science books omit this information, but the smallness-inducing effect is incredibly powerful.  It’s also a major reason I love finding big trees.

On a recent adventure through the woods, I rediscovered a big tree I had first encountered a few years ago.  To this day, it’s still the largest tree of that particular species I have ever seen.

Do you recognize this tree?  Check out the video to learn who it is!

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