Commonly Overlooked Winter Mushrooms & Other Fungi

Pick up a stick, and you’ll see them.  Scan a log from one end to the other, and they’re obvious.  Circle a stump, and your world is forever changed…

…especially in the winter months.

What’s so special about winter?  Well, among a million things, winter provides us the opportunity to appreciate peculiarities that… perhaps in our relentless pursuit of morels, or in our incessant drive to pluck every last maitake from its oak tree… we most likely overlooked earlier in the mushroom season.

Yes, this kingdom of life is very much alive and well — even in the winter months.

In this video, I’d like to take a closer look at the sticks, logs, and stumps that embellish our backyards, parks, and forests, and introduce you to a few of the unsung heroes this time of year.  At first glance, they’re very easy to miss, though upon closer inspection and understanding, you’ll wonder how they ever went unnoticed.

Let’s inspect, learn, and deepen our level of nature connection, shall we?

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