3 New Reasons To Consume Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms wear many hats.  No, not fedoras, stetsons, and top hats.

Think of these hats as metaphors, describing instead the roles these important species perform in their ecosystems.  For example, mushrooms are world-class decomposers, recyclers, bioremediators, parasites, pathogens, poisons, hallucinogens, and food.

Additionally, the fungal kingdom houses some of the world’s most powerful medicines.  What traditional cultures have known for centuries, modern research is continually discovering:  mushrooms contain potent medicinal compounds that can aid the human body in functioning optimally.

Recently, three new studies have been published demonstrating the medicinal benefits of three separate species of mushrooms.  In this brand new video, I summarize the current research and describe how you may benefit by ingesting any one of these mushrooms.  Additionally, if you’re looking to gain the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, you may not have to look any further than your own backyard…

Okay… you may have to look in your neighbor’s backyard too, especially if he has a lot of fallen trees!


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