gregandrandylearnyourlandFor 30 years, Greg Levish has been trapping snapping turtles in the swamps of Western Pennsylvania.

I first met him back in March at Harrison Hills Park in Allegheny County during his presentation on almost everything you’d ever want to know about these shelled reptiles, including turtle biology, turtle trapping, turtle soup making, and more.

After the program, Greg and I talked one-on-one about his craft, and it was clear that turtle trapping had become his lifelong passion.  Sensing my interest, and knowing I had never gone turtle trapping before, Greg asked if I would like to experience the thrill of turtle trapping with him firsthand.

Fast forward to July.

It’s early in the morning.  4:45 AM to be exact.  I’m heading north on Interstate-79 to Volant, Pennsylvania, getting ready to document the experience of turtle trapping on video with Greg Levish.


Well, it’s not every day you get to meet a turtle trapper.  In fact, Greg is the first and only turtle trapper I’ve ever met, and he has a great story to be shared.

In this video, Greg discusses his 2015 turtle trapping experiences, as well as what motivates him to head to the swamps every year in search of snapping turtles. (Hint:  it’s more than just turtle soup!)

Enjoy… and don’t forget to check out Greg’s Learn Your Land profile here!