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Pamela Baxter

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I’ve been exploring the out-of-doors my whole life, and few things give me so much pleasure as being able to share my love of the natural world with others. Since 1999 I’ve had the privilege of writing about gardening and organic vegetable growing for my local newspaper as well as contributing articles to the American Horticultural Society. For 24 years I was editor of the newsletter of the Valley Forge Audubon Society, and for 15 years I was newsletter editor for the Green Valleys Association, a local watershed advocacy group.

I’m delighted to announce the publication of my interactive book for children and families, “Big Life Lessons from Nature’s Little Secrets.” It takes everyday experiences in nature and connects them with daily human life, showing how nature can be a guide to living our best life. Thirty-one entries explore topics such as being a leader, paying attention, simplicity, making wise choices, and being yourself.

Designed to get kids and families exploring nature in a whole new way. 

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