Moraine, McConnells Mill, and Jennings Commission (3MJC)

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We are a nonprofit organization sanctioned by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, dedicated to the care and support of our namesake parks – Moraine, McConnells Mill, and Jennings. Our group of dedicated volunteers love our region’s state parks and want to do what we can to enhance them and to educate visitors. Since our inception in the late 1990’s, we have worked on a number of projects to promote stewardship and sustainability of our vital regional resources.

Why do we join 3MJC? Here are quotes from some of our members.

“I joined 3MJC because I wanted to work with individuals who share some of the same interests as I do–invasive species, native plants, cleaning up trails/streams, etc.  So far 3MJC has met my expectations.  It has been great working with these individuals.”   ~Nancy Nalepa, Petrolia

“I like volunteering for 3MJC because it is a good way to meet new people and be outside and learn about our local parks.”
~Jen Hoelle, West Sunbury

“With funding being cut for our state parks, they don’t have all the resources needed to get some jobs completed.  I love the outdoors, so if I can help them in any way,  I will.  After all, we need to keep the parks in good condition for our kids and grandkids.”
~Deb Sales, Butler

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