Josh Doty

  • Mushroom
  • Foraging
  • Animal/Insect
  • Plant
Josh Doty, a native of Western Pennsylvania, became interested in nature at an early age. Seeds of curiosity were planted during Boy Scout nature hikes and the nature “treasure hunt” began. Nature photography combined with research was a logical next step and provided a way to document and share observations with other people.  “Foto-foraging” is a term that he coined to describe this activity.  His study has centered on mushrooms and their ecosystem.
Josh hopes to inspire people from all generations to begin to notice and appreciate the nature surrounding them and learn something new every day. He has participated in and led mushroom walks and foraging hikes in Western PA and Eastern Ohio. He is a guest blogger for the Pittsburgh Park’s Conservancy and also the author of the Foto-Foraging Blog.

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