Jen Dalke

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It is my hope to reintroduce nutritional & spiritual connections to the public.  I intend to share the wisdom in this sacred land to all who wish to rekindle their spirit, or learn how to survive safely in the outdoors, if needed.  By regaining this innate knowledge, we naturally tap into the vibrations of the very earth that we came from.  Much healing can occur, once we open up to this energy.  Healing of all kinds, limitless.

It is my sincere wish to open the eyes of others who may have forgotten (or who feel disconnected from nature) just how fortunate we are to be living in this part of the country.  We have a very diverse ecosystem all around us, if we would only slow down to notice.  We need not become invasive and destructive in order to survive and evolve.  We must educate ourselves to become as harmonious with our environment as possible.  We will not regret it, and the Earth will always respond.

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