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My name is Monica and I like to consider myself a Decompiculturalist.  I know that may not sound like the most appealing declaration right off the bat but bear with me.  There’s a whole world out there that many people hardly ever think about or get the pleasure of seeing.  Lucky for us though, there are signs everywhere once you tune in to it.

Fungi, Bacteria, Lichen, Protozoa, Nematodes, and Arthropods, oh my!  It’s an exciting saga constantly unfurling right beneath our feet!  This was my gateway into an intense connection with the cycles of nature and a whole new way of thinking, about myself, the world, life and EVERYTHING.

So what is a passionate microbe herding cowgirl to do?  Why, start and run a very small, grass roots organization designed to empower people to form their own connections with the cycles of nature and, of course, to help create a compost culture.  But, most importantly, I would love to find other people willing to embark on this grand adventure alongside me.

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