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Artist,naturalist,photographer,writer,and unapologetic native orchid nut. We’re currently trying to see and photograph all of the orchids native to PA growing in PA soils (30 species so far). Along with Alison and our children Ronan and Molly we set out to uncover what the world has to show us. Although our focus is on our native orchids we are on the lookout for anything and everything. Every wildflower, every insect, every bird and anything else that may cross our path.

We’re just simple country folks that have been raised to appreciate and utilize what grows and lives around us. We grew up eating Elderberry Jelly and Berry Pies. We were picking onions in the woods to munch on before we knew multiplication tables. We trapped, hunted, fished and foraged our way into adulthood. The deep love and admiration for the outdoors seems to be in our DNA. Together with Alison I hope we can pass this on to our children as well.

After 40 years of being in the woods and forests I am more than happy to share anything I know with anyone that wants to learn.

Pennsylvania’s great naturalist and artist Ned Smith said.. “Seeing involves more than looking, it involves noticing things” You learn a lot looking at a plant while laying on the ground or watching a bee pollinate a flower.

So there you have it. A brief history of the lives of a couple nature snoopers. So take the time, notice things. Turn over a leaf, flip over a rock, touch, see and smell. You just might find a stronger connection to a world unexplored.

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