Debbie Naha

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My name is Deb Naha.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by wild plants.

My interest began as an inner-city kid, growing up across the river from Manhattan. I was not exactly surrounded by green things!  I remember wanting to know the names of the “weeds” that grew in my neighborhood, sprouting up through the cracks in the concrete. And I always wanted to know what is “out there” that is food for humans.

After earning an undergraduate degree in Biology, I went on to receive a Master’s in Food and Nutrition from New York University.

And along the way, my passion for foraging and my expertise in wild edible plants grew.

I look at wild food from many angles including health, nutrition, survival, gourmet cooking, and self-reliance.

Our species has gotten so far away from the wild foods we were designed to eat.  An understanding of wild edibles connects us with Nature again while providing superior nutrition.

I’ve worked as a Naturalist, a high school teacher, and also a Licensed Nutritionist. In addition, I was twice presented with the President’s Volunteer Service Award for my work as a Certified Rutgers Master Gardener.

I love conducting Wild Edibles programs and foraging hikes! Over the years I’ve led countless events, most of them in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. You can view my schedule at

It’s so satisfying to share the appreciation of wild edible plants!

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