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I’m Jerry Underhill (AHG: American Herbalist Guild) and I have spent my entire life as a forager, gardener, herbalist and natural healer.  I was born and raised in Southern Indiana in a log cabin farm that had been built in 1767, with no running water or indoor plumbing.  My mother was exceptionally talented at the “Natural Arts” and passed this wisdom on to me as we worked side by side in the surrounding forests, meadows and river basins.  Foraging was a way of life and love for my family; a tradition that we continue to this day.  I’ve since graduated from university with a degree in Medicinal Biochemistry and I currently work with major pharmaceutical companies.

It is my personal belief that there is a need in modern times to embrace all traditions of healing and that is what I strive to bring to those who reach out.  We all know that there is both a science and an art that speak to each other when dealing with the natural world.  Science itself is often a wonderful tool, but a poor master.  And so, with science in one hand and nature in the other, I have continued to study and revere both nature and science for the gifts that they bring.  As a clinician, my goal is to treat the individual patient, rather than an illness; this means that I see living creatures as possessing a body, mind and spirit.  Balance within is the path to overall wellness.  Science and art are harmonious tools when directed by healing hands.

Nestled in Northern Virginia at the foothills of the Blue Ridge, Shenandoah and Appalachian mountains, I welcome all who wish to begin or continue a journey discovering wellness, knowledge and healing.

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