Heather L. Makar

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I am a health coach and a life coach, and living closer to nature is central to helping my clients on their paths to success.  I love integrating the wild world into my life in as many ways as possible.  I believe that you have the right to live your whole life, with joy, creativity, and passion, with robust vibrant health, and meaning according to your personal values.  We are designed to have active, critical, creative minds, a rich personal spiritual practice, and slim, strong, energetic bodies.  I believe with all my heart that we have the ability to live significantly longer, more meaningful, fuller lives by utilizing the tools that Mother Earth and Father Sky are continually giving to us.  We are a part of the Earth, and everything that we need to thrive has been created alongside of us, for our benefit.  We are gifted with rich souls craving the ability to express itself in as many ways as there are people.  The world is such a living, abundant place, that it’s senseless to me to live under the thumb of a boss who wants to milk you for labor and a society that rewards conformity, where we choose cardboard food that lacks nutrients, drugs that cause significant harm, and lives that lock us away in concrete cages under artificial lights, away from the sun, the trees, and the fresh air, away from all the tools that allow us be who we, as individuals, truly are.  I KNOW that our bodies are miraculous, wonderful vessels for our souls that can heal from an infinite variety of insults, if we only stop causing the problems, and give ourselves the environment we need and the nutrients we are designed to use.  I KNOW that there is a whole world to experience, and an infinite variety of experiences to create.

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